ENHYPEN’s Jake And Jay Reveal Why They Couldn’t Stop Laughing While Filming This Scene In The “Given-Taken” MV

“I’ve never looked at Jay’s face that closely before!”

During ENHYPEN‘s Guess That Song In Reverse challenge with popular YouTube channel REACT, both Jake and Jay were reminded of a hilarious moment they once had together!

After the group was asked to tell a fun behind-the-scenes story, Sunghoon triggered their memories by mentioning the “’02 line part” from ENHYPEN’s debut music video “Given-Taken” which the members definitely seemed to recognize.

Jake and Sunghoon | REACT/YouTube

Almost immediately, Jay began to act out the way he and Jake looked at each other during the shoot while trying to suppress their laughter.

Jay: Jake and I had to make eye contact.

Jake: It was so funny we couldn’t look at each other!

Jay: We closed our eyes for the other person while shooting the close-up.

Jake: We took turns one by one. That was the very first scene we shot for the music video!

Jay, Ni-Ki, and Jungwon | REACT/YouTube

Apparently, the scene in question (which only lasts about eight seconds in the final cut) ended up taking around four hours to film! 

ENHYPEN (엔하이픈) ‘Given-Taken’ Official MV | HYBE Labels/YouTube

Jake further explained that the sheer closeness of the two boys made it nearly impossible to keep a straight face.

“It was hilarious… I’ve never looked at Jay’s face that closely before, but it’s even funnier close up!”

— Jake

While it may have been difficult for them at the time, there’s no question that  “Given-Taken” turned out absolutely amazing!

You can watch ENHYPEN’s entire Guess That Song In Reverse video here: