ENHYPEN’s Jake Sparks Laughter And Praise From Almost Running Into A Camera

Jungwon and Sunoo couldn’t keep straight faces 😂

Since ENHYPEN‘s Jake has an amazing stage presence and is such a talented performer, his reaction to a camera coming a little too close during a live performance earned laughter and praise for how well he handled it.


On an episode of SBS‘s Inkigayo, ENHYPEN performed their title track “Tamed-Dashed” with some amusing differences than usual. Early on in the performance, Jake noticed the camera seemed a bit too close and slightly moved back. That wasn’t the only time he noticed.

Towards the end, Jake attempted to run to his usual spot but was instantly startled by the camera blocking his path and being so close. Even though he reacted so quickly by jerking back, he recovered just as quickly.

With a smile, Jake jumped right back into the choreography as if nothing happened. Some of his members saw it all, though. Jungwon and Sunoo cracked smiles from behind him, showing they’d been just as amused.

In addition to making fans and his members laugh from his surprised reaction, Jake has earned praise for remaining professional and instantly getting right back into the performance.

Check out the funny reaction and quick reflexes that had fans loving Jake even more.