ENHYPEN Jake’s Puppy Joined His Family Unexpectedly, Here’s How He Met His Best Friend

“I cannot imagine my life without Layla.”

From their photos together, ENHYPEN‘s Jake isn’t shy about how much he adores his puppy, Layla. Although they can’t be separated now, Jake hadn’t originally planned on getting a puppy and shared the fateful way they ended up best friends.

Jake and Layla. | @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter

When seeing a photo of him and Layla, Jake was proud to claim his puppy and crown it as his “favorite photo.” The two shared a special bond, with Jake sharing how far they’ve come together.

Since Jake had lived in Australia, he didn’t want to make the move to Korea without his precious pal. He recalled his puppy flying with him, despite it being “a tough moment.” Layla “fought through” it and reminded him of how they met.

While some people plan ahead of time to take on a puppy, Jake revealed that Layla entered his world “quite unexpectedly.” He explained, “My neighbor told me that they had to leave but couldn’t take Layla with them. So, they asked me for help.

Jake remembered how surprised he’d been by his neighbor’s request. He didn’t think he was prepared to take care of Layla at the time but decided to give it a try anyway.

It was very unexpected, and I wasn’t ready for it. So, I wasn’t confident. But, I took it as my fate.

— Jake

His chance paid off in a major way. Jake said they’ve “been best buds since.” The two grew so close that Jake admitted, “I cannot imagine my life without Layla.

Jake even pointed out that people often say they look alike. Between that and how happy Layla looks, they were destined to be best friends.

| @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter

See Jake tell the story of how he and his furry best friend became as close as can be.