ENHYPEN’s Jake Looks Out for Jungwon Like A Big Brother When He Did This

Jake made sure Jungwon would be ready for his big moment.

For the first time, ENHYPEN performed at KCON 2022 in LA and they were all understandably excited and nervous.

As in all performances, they had to work with spiels, some of which were in English, which would require some memorization and practice of pacing the speech and pronunciation. As Jungwon was studying his lines, Jake was there to help him go through the script.

Jake helped with his pronunciation, listened to him enunciate the words, and coached him on delivering his English lines well.

Jake gave feedback to Jungwon as he listened to the delivery, to which Jungwon followed Jake’s suggestions. He practiced his lines repeatedly while Jake monitored him to get everything right.

As they finished rehearsing the script, Jake took it and made some grammar edits. He looked out for Jungwon to the last detail, to ensure Jungwon would do well and not be criticized for any part of his lines.

It’s heartwarming to see ENHYPEN members take care of each other like this.

Watch the full video here:



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