ENHYPEN’s Jake Compares Jungwon And Rain’s Broad Shoulders—Here’s What He Thinks About Them

“He has the second broadest shoulders…”

In the latest “EN-TER key,” ENHYPEN‘s Jake and Jungwon are of course being super adorable. While Jake massaged Jungwoo’s Shoulders, he couldn’t help but compliment them: “Jungwon shoulders are so broad.

Because Jungwon claimed, “We’re starting the live broadcast of ‘Let Me In’ soon. I’m really nervous.” Jake, being the sweet individual he is, massaged Jungwon’s shoulders in an attempt to make him more relaxed.

According to Jake, Jungwon’s shoulders are so wide that massaging each side with one hand doesn’t have enough coverage. Jake claimed, “Jungwon’s shoulders are so broad, so I have to use both hands for each side.” 

Jake further obsessed over Jungwon’s charming broad shoulders and shared that even though his hands are big, they aren’t big enough to cover Jungwon’s shoulder: “I have pretty big hands but There’s this much left even if I use both hands.

While he complimented on Jungwon’s shoulders, Jake claimed that Jungwon’s shoulders are not the broadest he’s seen. Jake shared, “He (Jungwon) has the second broadest shoulders I’ve ever seen in my life.

When asked who was the broadest, ake admitted that he once gave soloist Rain a hug and was stunned at how he barely wrapped his arms around Rain’s wide shoulders.

It has to be producer Rain. Out of the people I’ve hugged, his (Jungwon) shoulders are the second broadest. I hugged producer Rain once I had to do this (demonstrating the hug).

— Jake

Check out the video below: