ENHYPEN’s Jake Proves His Photography Skills And Shows That It’s A Job He Takes Seriously

The inspiration took over him.

ENHYPEN‘s Jake recently showcased his photography skills in the best way possible… by taking pictures of his fellow members!

ENHYPEN’s Jake | @enhypen/Instagram

In a recent [EN-TER key] episode the members of ENHYPEN took time taking photos of each other. Ni-Ki took pictures of a serious looking Jay.


Ni-Ki even set up the camera to take photos of himself and had a total model moment.


Ni-Ki also took pictures of Heeseung, who had his time to shine.

The majority of the pictures, however, were taken between Ni-Ki and Jake.

Jake directed the poses he wanted Ni-Ki to try and took his job very seriously.

Ni-Ki was pleased with how the photos turned out, and the pair admired Jake’s obvious knack for photography.

Ni-Ki returned the favor by taking pictures of Jake.

Jake really got into his role and gave a hilariously monologue acting as a photographer.

Despite the set or environment not always being great, I want to show my eternal gratitude to the cameramen and lighting director. For today’s works I was inspired artistically to take a retro vibe and a little bit of a vintage mood to fill my photos. I was so inspired.

— Jake

Ni-Ki barely could hold it together, but Jake continued his heartfelt speech.

To be honest, it wasn’t me taking the photos. It was the inspiration pressing down on the button. I was just trying to capture the moments. It just… It was like the scenes were playing out in my head! Anyway, please anticipate my future works as well. I’m just someone in the arts, so I tried to capture that art. I just… I tried to capture art.

— Jake

Hopefully they’ll continue to experiment with their photo shoots and provide fans even more content!

Source: YouTube