ENHYPEN’s Jake “Stresses” Fans Out By Being The Ultimate Flirt

Fans can’t handle it!

ENHYPEN‘s Jake has always stood out not only because of his talent and visuals but because of his sweet and relatable personality. However, this charm can be a little “stressful” for fans when he uses it on other ENGENEs!

ENHYPEN’s Jake | @ENHYPEN_members/X

Jake recently went on a reply spree on Weverse, where he had fun leaving the most flirtatious responses. When one fan asked when he’d marry them, Jake replied, “when ur ready.”

Another simple reply also got fans right in the heart when he responded to a fan’s declaration of love by returning it.

| ENHYPEN/Weverse


The one that got fans the most during this round of replies is where Jake “made an exception” to call a fan a “good girl.”

This is not the first time Jake has had fans going wild over his Weverse replies. It seems like he has accepted and proposed to fans on multiple occasions…

| ENHYPEN/Weverse
| ENHYPEN/Weverse
| ENHYPEN/Weverse

…including one memorable time when he was given a choice between recommending a song or proposing.

| ENHYPEN/Weverse

Jake also does not shy away from declarations of love, calling fans the affectionate term and admitting to missing them as well.

| ENHYPEN/Weverse
| ENHYPEN/Weverse

The ENHYPEN member also seems to know he is a flirt, making him all the more dangerous. During video calls, concerts, and even live streams, Jake often takes advantage of his flirting ability, driving fans wild.

Fans let their feelings be known on a video of compiled replies, even saying that his photocards would be “sleeping outside.”

| rqmyeon/TikTok

It was a similar scene on X(Twitter), where some of his replies went viral.

The relationship between ENGENEs and ENHYPEN is super strong, so you can be sure fans will be back for more flirting with Jake in the future!

Source: TikTok