ENHYPEN’s Jake Didn’t Think Twice About How Much He’d Want His Girlfriend To Contact Him

If Jake had a girlfriend, here’s how much he’d want to talk to her.

While ENHYPEN‘s Jake can be cool and charismatic, especially on stage, there’s another side of him that fans adore as boyfriend material.

Jake | Weverse

Jake has such a gentle and warm personality that ENGENEs lovingly call him a puppy. Since fans wondered what kind of boyfriend he’d be, one fan took the chance to ask him a question about it during the group’s Japanese fan signing.

The Japanese ENGENE asked, “If you have a girlfriend, would you like to have [a] phone call every day or just once in a while?” It didn’t take Jake any time at all to decide.

Although some people in relationships don’t want to talk with each other every single day, Jake wasn’t one of them. When it came to someone he cared for, Jake answered, “Every day.

Since most people prefer to text, fans were touched knowing that Jake would be such a “sweet and caring boyfriend” for taking time out of his busy day to hear his girlfriend’s voice. If that isn’t boyfriend material, what is?