ENHYPEN’s Jay And Jake Have A Twin Moment While Completing An Art Challenge

For a second, they shared the same brain.

In a recent YouTube video by hello82, ENHYPEN members were tasked with drawing their favorite bit of choreography in one minute. Jay and Jake surprised everyone with what they chose.

When Jay looked over at Jake’s drawing he noticed something looked familiar.

(left to right) ENHYPEN’s Jay, Jake, and Heeseung | hello82/YouTube

Jake then took a look at his group mate’s drawing and was as equally surprised by what he saw.

| hello82/YouTube

He asked Jay if he drew the same thing that he did.

| hello82/YouTube

After confirming that they had chosen to draw the same piece of choreography, Jake asked, “Why would you draw that?” Jay’s response was simple. He drew it because he thought no one else would.

| hello82/YouTube

Finally, it was time to reveal their drawings!

| hello82/YouTube

The pair had a twin moment when they turned their look-alike drawings around. The choreography that they chose was the trio part from ENHYPEN’s “Blessed-Cursed.”

Jake revealed that he had chosen this particular scene to draw by saying, “This is the first time we’ve had choreography like this.”

Jay explained his choice of adding finger details to his drawing by writing, “I think all my fingers are broken.”

| hello82/YouTube

The drawings looked exceptionally similar!

| hello82/YouTube

It seems like the guys share the same brain, or at least, are very close. They are roommates afterall!

Source: hello82