Here’s How ENHYPEN’s Jay Reacts When A Person He Doesn’t Like Does A Good Job At Something

Even people much older than him struggle with this.

ENHYPEN‘s Jay may be young, but his down-to-earth personality and maturity are very much present!

Jay | S Cawaii!

This was never more evident than in an interview with Weverse Magazine where he was asked what he does when his beliefs are shaken by other people. Does he stand up for them or does he compromise?

Have your beliefs ever been shaken because of the reality of a situation? Did you have to make a compromise?

— Weverse Magazine

He confirmed that he has experienced that situation several times in the past. In his perspective, equality and trust are essential, and they’re why he makes it a point to confront a person when “something isn’t right.” It doesn’t matter how close he is to them.

There’s definitely been times. I think equality and trust are important. So no matter how close I am with someone, I should tell them when something isn’t right.

— Jay

On the flipside, Jay is also able to acknowledge the good that someone does even when he doesn’t like that person. He doesn’t consider it an admirable trait. To him, it’s just what a human being should do.

And even if there’s someone I don’t like, I have to be able to acknowledge when they’ve done a good job at something. I think that’s part of the responsibility of being human.

— Jay

Jay proceeded to admit that there are still times when he has to compromise on something that he knows isn’t right because he couldn’t solve the problem himself.

But I’ve had to compromise somewhat when there’s been a problem I couldn’t solve right away on my own, even if I think every single day about how it’s not right, or when situations that can’t be helped arise.

— Jay

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Source: Weverse Magazine