ENHYPEN’s Jungwon Reveals His Great Advice On How To Handle Emotions

He gave really great advice!

ENHYPEN recently met with J-14 Magazine to answer various fun questions ranging from their career to some more personal questions.

The last question of the interview was picked by Jake! The question asked, “What’s the best advice you have ever received?” The question certainly was fitting for the group’s last question as it was definitely a thinker for them. As the man who chose the question, Jake shared his thoughts first.

Doesn’t everyone have something that they think about when they’re confused or experiencing hardships?

— Jake

Following Jake’s words, the group’s leader Jungwon added in some of his best advice. Jungwon informed the viewers that they shouldn’t let others dictate how they feel.

When it comes to emotions, it’s honestly not something that some else can control. You can’t be happy or hate something, just because someone tells you to be happy or hate it.

— Jungwon

Jungwon brought up the idea of emotions from some advice he had heard from Bang Si Hyuk in the past.

Producer Bang once told us to sincerely love our fans, but loving our fans is not something we do because he told us to. That comes from our hearts from the start. We get so much energy from our ENGENEs.

— Jungwon

Check out the interview below!: