ENHYPEN’s Jungwon Accidentally Crashed TXT’s Taehyun’s Live, And It Was The Cutest

Taehyun had the sweetest reaction to seeing Jungwon.

TXT‘s Taehyun wasn’t the only one in for a surprise when ENHYPEN‘s Jungwon accidentally ran into him and appeared on his senior’s live broadcast.

Hueningkai, Heeseung, Jungwon, Taehyun, Soobin, and Sunghoon.

In the middle of Taehyun’s live broadcast, he turned his head as soon as someone opened the door to the room he was filming in.

When he saw that it was Jungwon, Taehyun greeted him and immediately asked his junior if he was ready to join him: “Can you appear on camera now? Do you look okay now? Are you confident to stay in front of the camera?

Although Jungwon hesitated to intrude on the live broadcast, Taehyun’s encouragement had his junior entering the frame to cutely wave at viewers.

The brief conversation that followed had fans loving how caring Taehyun was to Jungwon and their sweet friendship.

Taehyun: What were you doing?

Jungwon: I was recording.

Taehyun: You came down to practice after recording?

Jungwon: Yes.

Taehyun: Good boy.

Even when Jungwon expressed how worried he’d been for coming into the room during the live broadcast, Taehyun had the sweetest response. Taehyun said, “You can always visit if you want.

With his adorable smile, Jungwon once again waved to fans before leaving.

After Jungwon left, even Taehyun couldn’t help but mention how adorable it was. He said, “Jungwon is so cute.” The friendships between TXT and ENHYPEN are the gifts that keep giving.

Source: Naver Live