ENHYPEN’s Jungwon Revealed How A Friend Led Him To Join Big Hit Entertainment

He could’ve debuted in a completely different group.

Thanks to curious fans wondering how the members ended up choosing Big Hit Entertainment, ENHYPEN‘s Jungwon shared how a friend brought him closer to his dream.

During one of their live broadcasts, fans asked how the company cast them. Rather than being found on the street and stopped, Jungwon’s experience was different.

Jungwon revealed that he’d already been a trainee elsewhere. He said, “Before I joined Big Hit, I was in another agency.

Instead, someone he knew was already part of Big Hit Entertainment. Jungwon added, “But my friend was in Big Hit.” Although Heeseung asked who it was, Jungwon’s lips were sealed.

That friend turned out to be the person that opened the door for him. Jungwon said, “I’m really close with that friend, and [he and his mother showed my picture] to the Big Hit casting team.

The Big Hit Entertainment employees liked what they saw and asked to see his skills. Jungwon continued, “And that’s how I was cast. Because of that, I went to the audition, and I’m in Big Hit.

If it weren’t for that supportive friend and his lovely mom setting up the chance, Jungwon might’ve debuted in another group altogether. Fortunately, he became the ENHYPEN’s Jungwon that ENGENEs love.

Source: Naver Live


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