ENHYPEN’s Jungwon Has The Most Heartwarming Reason To Laugh

He truly cares about his group members.

The members of ENHYPEN are constantly proving how much they care for each other, and Jungwon is no exception. His answer to a simple question confirms it.

ENHYPEN’s Jungwon | @SBSNOW/Twitter

ENHYPEN recently sat down with Vanity Fair to play a game that tests how well the members know each other. Each member privately answered a question, and the others had to guess how they responded.

Jungwon’s question was, “What is something that always makes you laugh?” Sunghoon immediately named the members, but Jungwon asked for more detail.

Jay thought that the answer might be ENGENE, but since Jungwon thought that the fandom would be too obvious of an answer, it was wrong.

The members thought that the answer might be Heeseung after Sunghoon suggested it…

…but Jungwon informed them that it wasn’t just one person. Heeseung then suggested when the group eats together or, more specifically, has midnight snacks.

After hearing it, Jake was sure this was the answer.

And it was! Jungwon revealed that the members laugh so much when they eat late at night together.

The members were thrilled by their caring leader’s answer.

He left with this solid advice: “If you want to become friends with someone, we recommend late night eating.”

Jungwon wasn’t the only one who proved his true character during this game. Check out how Heeseung proved he was born to be a singer by naming the thing he can’t live without.

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