ENHYPEN’s Jungwon And SEVENTEEN Jeonghan’s Photo Together Has A Funny Backstory

They also shared a moment that didn’t make it on camera.

At the 2021 Asia Artist Awards, eagle-eyed fans spotted ENHYPEN‘s Jungwon and SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan cutely posing side by side. Naturally, fans wondered how the two idols became so close.

Jungwon and Jake shared the amusing backstory behind the photos, including an adorable moment that didn’t make it on camera.

Jungwon and Jeonghan. | @miss_svtmafia/Twitter

Shortly after ENHYPEN’s live broadcast started, fans had a question that the members were expecting. ENGENEs wanted to know all the details on how Jungwon and Jeonghan ended up snapping a photo together.

Since it was the first time they “attended an awards ceremony with other artists,” Jake shared how they “didn’t expect to take a group photo.” When all the groups gathered, they were one of the last to go on stage and encountered a unique problem.

Because the other artists had intentionally left the front row of chairs empty, ENHYPEN did the same—until they were instructed to fill in the seats.

And the chairs in the front stayed empty. No one was in the front. Probably because they felt [burdened].

We felt the same, so we were trying to go to the back. But, the producer told me that the chairs in the front should be taken. So we were asked to sit there.

— Jake

The show’s staff then directed SEVENTEEN to sit in front. Since the eleven members were “sitting on the floor,” ENHYPEN’s respect for their seniors couldn’t leave it be.

Jungwon shared their attempt at offering their seats, “We felt sorry, and we gave them some seats. They said, ‘It’s okay.’” Jake said they “tried to give them seats about five times” until SEVENTEEN finally relented.

Making the moment cuter, Jungwon demonstrated how he and Jeonghan did a heart pose together for one photo but didn’t get posted online. Jungwon even thanked Jeonghan for treating him so kindly and being “so nice.

Jake spoke for all fans when he said, “It’s a shame that the photo was not uploaded.” ENGENEs and Carats would’ve loved to see even more of the sweet moments between Jungwon and Jeonghan.

| @pledis_17/Twitter
Source: Naver Live