ENHYPEN Playfully Exposes The Members Who Always Search Themselves Online

There was more than one who kept track 😆

Since K-Pop idols are talked about on a daily basis, it’s only natural for some of them to stay in the know by searching themselves up online. ENHYPEN recently shared which members searched more than others.


During an interview for Billboard, the outlet asked the group who searched their name on Google the most. Leader Jungwon already knew who fit the question, saying he’d “witnessed this several times.

When the members showed their votes, Sunoo took the top spot while Heeseung was a close second.

Sunghoon saw Heeseung search himself “on more than one occasion” but wasn’t alone in doing it. Sunghoon admitted that he searched himself every once in a while too.

Since Sunoo chose Jungwon, the leader explained, “If I’m to search on Google, I type in ENHYPEN instead of my name.

Sunoo proved why he had the most votes, agreeing with Sunghoon about having no shame when searching themselves online.

To be fair, who wouldn’t search up their name if they were in such a well-known group? Even the average person searches themselves up from time to time.

| @ENHYPEN/Twitter

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