ENHYPEN’s Ni-ki And Jay Fanboy Over SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi— And It’s So Relatable

They admire him so much!

During a recent voice-only live broadcast, ENHYPEN‘s Ni-ki and Jay shared some of their recent favorite songs and artists, including their sunbae (industry senior) Hoshi from SEVENTEEN.

Jay (left) and Ni-ki (right) | ENHYPEN/Weverse

Ni-ki shared that he saw Hoshi’s “Spider” performance video on STUDIO CHOOM and thought it was really cool. Jay also said that he had looked forward to the performance video after the song came out.

Hoshi | @pledis_17/Twitter

They both really admired how artistic the music video was, and how stylish and sexy the outfits were. Jay also expressed his admiration for Hoshi’s ab strength when he was upside down in the beginning.

Ni-ki also shared that he loves “13 Month’s Dance”, a performance video released by SEVENTEEN’s performance unit three years ago. Jay revealed that he had watched that video a lot when he first joined HYBE (previously known as Big Hit Entertainment) as a trainee.

Jay even said “Hoshi, I miss you!” Hopefully they can meet again soon!

Source: Feature Image and Live broadcast