ENHYPEN’s Ni-Ki Lost His In-Ear Monitor, But It Was Closer Than He Realized

He was also amused when he realized it.

Although ENHYPEN‘s Ni-Ki has been showing off his cool side lately, his cute side made an appearance during the group’s MANIFESTO world tour stop in Bangkok, Thailand.

Ni-Ki | @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter

While on stage, Ni-Ki noticed that his in-ear monitor was out of place. Thinking it was hanging off his shoulder, he shook it before realizing it wasn’t where he thought.

After feeling around for it and shaking his shoulder again, Ni-Ki decided to go straight to the source. As soon as he touched the wire, that’s when he came to a funny realization.

Ni-Ki found the in-ear monitor hanging off his ear. It was so ironic that even he had to crack a smile over the silly moment.

Fans were also amused by Ni-Ki’s adorable side, proving he’s indeed the maknae (youngest member).