ENHYPEN Ni-Ki’s Simple Habit That Improves His Korean

It may help you out too if you’re learning a new language.

Since ENHYPEN‘s Ni-Ki went from barely knowing any Korean at all to holding entire conversations, he was the perfect person to share an essential tip for learning a new language.


During Ni-Ki’s Weverse Magazine interview, the outlet asked the idol about ENHYPEN’s promotions in Japan. Despite being Japanese, Ni-Ki admitted that he’d become so used to the Korean versions of their songs that he stumbled a few times when singing in Japanese. Once the interviewer pointed out that was a sign of Ni-Ki’s improved Korean, the idol shared his progress in the language.

There were some awkward spots even though I’m Japanese myself. I got confused when doing the Japanese versions sometimes because I’m used to the Korean versions, and I have muscle memory for them.

— Ni-Ki

While winning over viewers with his passion and talent on the survival show I-LAND, Ni-Ki remembered barely knowing Korean. He said, “I didn’t know much Korean on ‘I-LAND,’ but I’m a lot more used to it now that I’ve been living here a while.

Although Ni-Ki’s Korean skills have improved in two years, he revealed the habit that keeps his skills sharp. He said, “And now, I try to make sure and look up any grammar or words I’m unfamiliar with as soon as I hear them and find out what they mean right away.

Because languages are constantly growing and transforming, Ni-Ki’s habit allows him to keep improving his Korean skills.

Sunoo and Ni-Ki.
Source: Weverse Magazine