The Hilariously Different Reactions Of 3 ENHYPEN Members To A Pinoy Fan’s “Rock, Paper, Scissors” Game With A Flying Kiss Twist

A big “Sanaol” to this Engene!

ENHYPEN gave a lucky Filipino fan a night of incredible fanservice!

Filipino ENGENE @vmincoups (Twitter) otherwise known as @marjmags (TikTok) is going viral for her Manifesto in Manila concert experience which she posted online on February 7. She captioned her tweet with a sentence describing her awe at the candid interactions she just had with the K-Pop boy group.

I don’t know how to move forward with life after this!

— @vmincoups

In the viral video with over one million views, she shared a photo of her holding up a self-made sign in Korean which asked the members to “play rock, paper, scissors.” The twist? The loser had to throw a kiss!

The fan’s efforts were well worth it as three members saw her sign and joined in the fun. Check out the different reactions of Niki, Jungwon, and Sunghoon below!

1. Niki

First up, Niki was the type of member who was more than happy to participate in the game. The ENGENE and K-Pop idol ended up both making a scissors sign, with the latter showing a genuinely surprised reaction.

Unfortunately, he did not give any freebies, but the expression on his face was cute enough to make up for it!

2. Jungwon

Jungwon, similarly, also did not send a flying kiss back to the fan despite losing the game of rock, paper, scissors. She jokingly commented, “Where’s my kiss, Jungwon?” but was happy enough to be on the receiving end of his sexy tongue-out look.

3. Sunghoon

Last but certainly not the least, Sunghoon gave the most memorable reaction. The Pinoy ENGENE was the one who lost the game, throwing a paper gesture that the singer countered with scissors. She reacted quickly by giving him a flying kiss in accordance to the rules and Sunghoon, heartwarmingly, couldn’t help but laugh aloud.

He even reciprocated the gesture!

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Source: TikTok