The Members Of ENHYPEN Recreate Their Adorable Baby Photos

They’re still as cute as their baby days!

The members of ENHYPEN proved they are as adorable as they were in their baby days by recreating their baby photos!

In their latest appearance on After School Club, the members of ENHYPEN participated in a segment of the show called “Baby Pictures Reenactment.”

To perfectly imitate their pictures, the members each picked out some props in order to recreate their baby photos. Jay was first up and all he needed was a pair of shades! The show’s host singer Jamie commented, “Jay with shades.”

Heeseung was up next and all he needed to emulate his baby photo was his charming self. Perfectly matching his picture, Heeseung closed his eyes and held up a peace sign.

Following Heeseung, the group’s bubbly Sunoo showed as much enthusiasm as he did in his baby photo. Sunoo jumped up in the air with his prop, and perfectly recreated his baby picture!

Like Heeseung, Ni-Ki‘s recreation didn’t require any props. Instead, Ni-Ki mimicked his cute baby photo by putting his arms behind his head and gave a smile.

Still as cool as his baby days, Sunghoon copied his photo with a powerful stance and fake sword as his prop.

While many of his fellow members didn’t need a lot of props, it was essential for Jake to have a lot of them. To nail the recreation, Jake covered himself with some fun party accessories.

Last but not least, the group’s leader Jungwon redid a photo of him in his taekwondo uniform. Exactly like his baby picture, Jungwon sat on the floor recreated his adorable photo!

Check out the video below: