ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon Reveals A Cute Behind The Scene Moment From Their “Drunk-Dazed” Music Video

They are so precious!

In light of their recently released mini-album Border : Carnival, the charming members of ENHYPEN spoke with Access for an exclusive interview! In their interview, the group revealed a cute behind the scene moment from their new music video for “Drunk-Dazed.”

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As expected, ENHYPEN’s “Drunk-Dazed” and its music video are both huge hits! With everything being so well-received, many are curious to know what the inspiration for the single was. Jay took the floor and explained what the members wanted to convey in the song.

Q: What was the inspiration behind the lead single, “Drunk-Dazed”?

Our post-debut life felt quite unfamiliar and overwhelming at first. Everything seemed so grand and glamorous. ‘Drunk-Dazed’ is a song in which we try to process that experience by comparing it to a majestic yet disorienting carnival. As the track progresses, you see us becoming ‘drunk’ in the festive atmosphere, and feeling ‘dazed’ in this new world we find ourselves in.

— Jay

Since the music video is so loved by the fans,  many are curious to know how the members feel towards the positive reactions.

Q: Your music video for “Drunk Dazed” is out now and fans are loving it, how does it feel having so much support from them?

Our members are also quite pleased with how our music video turned out, and it seems like our ENGENEs really like it as well, so we’re very happy about that. We’re definitely aware of how much our ENGENEs love and support us, and we keep thinking about how we can express our gratitude for them. We plan on releasing even better music and content for them in return.

— Sunoo

With the group members being so charming and energetic, there are bound to be some fun behind the scene stories! Sunghoon shared a moment from their music video shooting that claimed is a little bit embarrassing for them, but to ENGENEs, it’s super adorable!

Q: Were there any fun behind-the-scenes moments from the music video shoot you can share?

There is a scene in our music video, where the members are excitedly having fun at a party together. None of us have had that kind of experience in real life before, so we actually practiced ‘partying’ with our dance crew before the shoot. We were a little embarrassed about this, so we turned off the lights in our practice studio and pretended like we were at a party, while discussing how we should go about acting in the scene. I think our practice helped us become more comfortable and enjoy ourselves during the actual filming as if we were at a real party.

— Sunghoon

The fact that the members rehearsed partying just shows how hard-working and precious they are!

Check out ENHYPEN’s “Drunk-Dazed” music video below:

Source: Access