ENHYPEN Reveals Which Member Can’t Live Without His Phone

It’s hard for any of us to live without our phones!

The charming members of ENHYPEN recently participated in a fun interview for Call Me By Your Language. During their interview, the members were given special messages from their fans in Bahasa Indonesia and responded to them! They also answered various fun questions!

Toward the middle, ENHYPEN received a question that asked, “Who can’t live without his phone?” With the advanced technology in the world today, it seems like we all wouldn’t be able to live without our smartphones.

It appears that the members of ENHYPEN also feel that way. Following the question, SunghoonHeeseung, and Ni-Ki both raised their hands and admitted that they can’t live without their phones.

Sunghoon commented, “I don’t think any of us can live without our phones.” In agreement, Jay added, “Our phones are like part of our bodies.

The group’s leader Jungwon revealed he’s had a smartphone since middle school! While that may be shocking for some older viewers, Heeseung made an even more shocking comment and shared, “I had one since elementary school.

Check out the video below: