Here’s The Touching Reason BTS Inspired ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon To Be An K-Pop Idol

Sunghoon’s story came full circle!

When it comes to the relationship between HYBE artists, for many, they are more like a family than just musicians under the same agency. From BTS, TXT, ENHYPEN, and Lee Hyun, fans are lucky enough to see the artists interacting with each other in different ways.

Despite being the newest act to debut under HYBE, fans have fallen in love with ENHYPEN!

ENHYPEN Members | @ENHYPEN/ Twitter

Before debuting, all of the members came from different countries and had different experiences. In particular, member Sunghoon had a very different childhood gaining attention as an award-winning figure skater.

ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon as a figure-skater

Yet, it seems like a sudden decision to become an idol might have been helped by his senior artist BTS!

After releasing their newest album, ENHYPEN appeared on the 1theK Originals series IDDP, where the members sat down and searched their names online to see what results would come up.

During the video, Sunghoon was searching for details of himself on the internet, and one particular comment explaining that Sunghoon went to a BTS concert, and it was this event that helped to ignite his desire to become an idol.

After reading the comment, Sunghoon agreed with and explained why it was such an important moment that helped to shape him as an idol.

I had hardly been to a concert, I just exercised every day. But it was almost my first time. They were super cool.

— Sunghoon

In particular, Sunghoon pointed out that one particular song stood out to him during the concert, and it was the 2017 track “MIC Drop” featuring Steve Aoki.

It sent chills down the spine at ‘MIC Drop,’ So, because of that, it was awesome. I wanted to be just like them.

— Sunghoon

It isn’t the first time the members have spoken about the influence and experiences they’ve had with BTS. For many of ENHYPEN, they had been huge fans of the group.

During an interview on MBC Radio, member Sunwoo even explained how his dream to become an idol started after seeing V‘s powerful performance. Ni-Ki also explained that he listens to fellow maknae Jungkook when it comes to practicing vocal techniques.

ENHYPEN’s Sunwoo and Ni-Ki | @ENHYPEN/ Twitter

As expected, the list of idols that BTS has influenced continues to grow. With many rookie groups like ENHYPEN growing into strong artists, there is no denying that a day will come when they influence an aspiring idol in the crowd of their concert.

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: 1theK