ENHYPEN Sunghoon’s Favorite Physical Feature Is So Unexpected That His Members Hilariously Struggled To Guess It

“It’s on the face.”

ENHYPEN‘s Sunghoon is well-known for his eye-catching visuals. Yet, his best physical feature, according to Sunghoon himself, is so unexpected that even his members hilariously struggled to guess it.

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In an interview with Vanity Fair, Sunghoon was asked to name his best feature, and he decided to write down a physical one “with a little humor.”

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The members wasted no time in coming up with the potential funny answers, seemingly getting it right immediately by guessing ‘face’ and hilariously forcing Sunghoon to change his mind.

But Sunghoon soon came up with his ‘real’ answer, and the guessing process formally began. The first guess was ‘eyebrows,’ which struck quite close to the mark, leading the members to randomly guess other facial features, including ‘teeth.’

Since they weren’t quite nailing it, Sunghoon gave them a small clue, saying “You’re close, but not quite.” And when the members continued to miss, he began to get impatient, saying, “Should I reveal it?” Though they stubbornly refused.

The game then continued, except instead of getting closer, the members’ wild guesses got hilariously further and further away from the answer.

Sunghoon had to remind them that his chosen feature was in the vicinity of his face, and eventually Jake hit the target: Sunghoon’s best feature, according to Sunghoon, is his hair!

And he actually has a very good reason for it. He says that despite how much he bleaches his hair, somehow it doesn’t break! And as a K-Pop idol, that is definitely something worth treasuring.

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