Hosting KBS’s Music Bank Is Harder Than It Looks—Here’s Why, According To ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon

He makes it look easier than it really is.

ENHYPEN‘s Sunghoon recently became the host of KBS‘s Music Bank alongside IVE‘s Wonyoung. The two have such great chemistry that they even won “Best Couple Award” at the 2021 KBS Entertainment Awards.

IVE’s Wonyoung (left) and ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon (right)

That doesn’t mean, however, that it’s been a smooth road for Sunghoon. In a past interview with Weverse Magazine, he was asked about his experience starting out.

It’s a big change for you to be the host of Music Bank as well. How did you feel when you first started?

— Weverse Magazine

| @ENHYPEN/Twitter

He explained that he was happy to do it because he was aware that his fans, ENGENE, love seeing him regularly.

First off, I figured ENGENE would love it because they could keep seeing me during our hiatus.

— Sunghoon

Aside from that, he also wanted to take on the role because he knew it was the perfect opportunity to improve his speaking skills. He couldn’t help but feel nervous and pressured while hosting for Music Bank, but it lessened over time.

I also wanted to do it because I thought it would help me speak more eloquently and benefit my personality. I feel nervous whenever I’m on a live show and feel pressured to do it without making any mistakes, but I still think I’m a lot more used to it now than I was at first.

— Sunghoon

One challenge that he faced was reading a teleprompter, so he makes it a point to familiarize himself with the script before the start of every show. Another way he practices is by watching videos of other hosts.

I practice the script a lot since I find it hard looking at cue cards and not a teleprompter, and I make an effort watching videos of how other hosts do it, but I think I have to just get out there and actually do it to get better. So I’m trying to correct my issues one by one when I go out every week.

— Sunghoon

| @ENHYPEN/Twitter

Hearing this, the interviewer noted that one other difficult part of the job must be getting closer to the staff because of his shy nature. “You must’ve been nervous talking with all your coworkers and the staff, too, seeing that you’re shy.”

Sunghoon agreed but added on a positive note that his shyness will most likely go away the more time he spends with them.

That part’s still hard, actually, but I think it’ll get better as I go along.

— Sunghoon

In the same interview, Sunghoon revealed what it felt like to win the “Best Couple Award” with Wonyoung. Check it out here:

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Source: Weverse Magazine