ENHYPEN’s Sunoo Begins His Selfie Series On Twitter For A Visual Overload

Sunoo’s selfie saga is just beginning!

Mnet’s survival program I-LAND finished airing its final episode and introduced the new debut group, ENHYPEN.


Right after news of the new group, official social media accounts for the members were created with followers growing at a fast rate.

After posting their first group photo together on September 19, the members continued to post selfies and dance videos as they interacted with fans.

Member Sunoo in particular, posted frequently on their official Twitter account and gave fans a visual overload. Fans could find a photo of Sunwoo almost every day since the creation of their account!

Sunwoo posted, “Hello! I am Sunwoo from ENHYPEN. Please continue to support and show interest!”

He also had fun taking photos with other members in the background. “A photo without Jungwon knowing~^~^.”

Here’s another part of his series. “Having a good lunch~ (today it’s Niki).”

He also made sure to let fans know that he was taking his photos safely! “Everyone did well today! (FYI, this was taken while the car was not moving!) Good night!”

And the selfie series continue… “Today I will post a selfie too.”

He also posted fun videos for fans. “You have to see good things bigger! (Sunoo’s not here!”

His cute features and messages brought happiness to fans. “It is the second Saturday since I’ve become ENHYPEN’s Sunoo! The weather is so nice today!”

And just when you thought the series was over, he posts again! “My series is back again! (this time it’s Jake in the photo+the car is not moving).”

It seems like Sunoo’s photo-taking series is just beginning, so keep a look out for more soon!