ENHYPEN’s Sunoo Wishes They Had More Korean Fans

He is happy that they have many international fans but would like to grow the Korean fanbase further.

ENHYPEN‘s Sunoo and Jake appeared in Lee Yongjin‘s new program, Yongjin’s Health Center, as their first K-Pop male idol guests. Guests of this program usually consult Yongjin for any issues they might need help with, and he usually gives advice.

The first issue Sunoo mentioned was his awkwardness in entertainment shows, which is also an issue other Enhypen members face. Being a new boy group in the industry, ENHYPEN members have not yet achieved the ease, and relaxed demeanor other more senior groups have when appearing in entertainment and variety shows.

Yongjin assured them that their awkwardness is understandable and people should not judge them because, for K-Pop idols, it is especially challenging to choose which shows to appear on and determine the types of responses they would give when conversing with the show hosts. He further explained that idols cannot discuss on shows as freely as he can because they will always be judged no matter what they do.

Jake consulted Yongjin’s co-host Gabee of La Chica, on a technique that would make his stamina last for the whole concert duration since ENHYPEN will be going on their first world tour in Japan and the US this September.

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Gabee suggested that they hone their skills in talking with fans so that they can catch their breath in-between their energetic performances while conversing with fans casually. Yongjin agreed; he said other more seasoned idol groups like Super Junior employ this technique to enable them to rest in-between fast numbers.

ENHYPEN during their fan meeting | Enhypen/Facebook

For their last issue, Sunoo said he noticed that their group had many international fans but wanted to grow further their fanbase in Korea. Yongjin noted to increase their domestic fanbase, they need to be in a program that is familiar to the people and will show responsible traits of the group. Gabee added that it could be a daily show where they can act more naturally and comfortably. Participation in usual idol programs like ISAC and Weekly Idol would also be good exposure for them.

The show ended with the hosts’ wishing them more success, inviting them to return soon.

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