This Entertainment Agency Only Scouts Musicians With High IQs

Antenna Music scouts musicians with the most exemplary backgrounds.

CEO Yoo Hee Yeol

He has own incredible background, having majored in composition at Seoul University and graduating in just a years time.

The story goes he once performed a complicated Bartok composition for his piano blind test and was highly praised.

Jung Jae Hyun

Majored in composition at Yanyang University and received his Masters in FIlm Music Composition in Paris. He speaks English and French fluently.

Peppertones Lee Jang Won

This man had an IQ of 154. He graduated top of his class at Daejeon Science High School before receiving two bachelors degrees in Computer Science and Business Administration.

He once left his TOEIC exam 15 minute early due to stomach pain but received a perfect score of 990.

He is currently working on his P.hD from KAIST in Culture Technology.

Peppertones Shin Jae Pyung

Shin Jae Pyung has an IQ of 150.

He holds a degree in Computer Science from KAIST and was widely known when he was a student for programming when he was young.

Park Sae Byul

This bad ass chick majored in Psychology at the famous Yonsei University. She holds a Masters in Culture Technology from KAIST.

She is currently working on her P.hD in Culture Technology. 

Lucid Fall

Luci Fall graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering from Seoul University. He received his P.hD in Bioengineering in Switzerland. 

He is published in the Journal of American Chemical Society for a paper he co-wrote in Switzerland. 

He owns a US patent on Mono-nitrogen oxides in transfer micell and was the first Korean person to receive the best thesis from the Swiss Chemical Society. 

Source: The Qoo