Epic Meal Time’s Harley Does AMA On BTS Subreddit, Here’s What We Learned

Harley’s answers prove that he is one of BTS’s biggest fanboys!

Harley Morenstein, co-creator of the YouTube cooking show, Epic Meal Time, recently invited Reddit users to ask him anything about his “A.R.M.Y experience”.


Harley introduced himself as a “6’6, 240lbs, 32-year-old, full-time YouTuber” and BTS fanboy. In this photo, Harley wears a Jimin T-shirt, purchased via Redbubble.


Many of Harley’s fans were surprised to see this BTS-related post and asked why Harley decided to do it.

After mentioning his love for BTS on H3 Podcast, a fan asked him, through Twitter, to create the AMA post. So, he did!


Although many YouTubers have jumped on the BTS bandwagon, Harley’s fanboy love couldn’t be truer. Harley discovered BTS by using SNOW app, a Korean app similar to Snapchat.


After seeing BTS on SNOW, Harley did what all A.R.M.Ys have done: he Googled BTS. A click here, a click there, and Harley was sucked into the void that is the BTS fandom.


After Harley watched the music video for “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” he ‘forced’ many of his friends to watch five of BTS’s music videos, then choose a bias. These friends included fellow YouTubers, such as Nikita Dragun, Grace Helbig, and Timothy DeLaGhetto.


Harley’s bias is Jimin, which comes as no surprise considering Harley’s shirt! Once he was Jim-in, he realized he couldn’t Jim-out. Harley fell in love the moment he laid eyes his bias’s “tiny-sized, baby hands”.


Harley said that if he ever met Jimin, he would lift him into the air!


A bias simply cannot exist without a bias wrecker so, who is Harley’s? RM!


Harley is also a huge J-Hope fan.

“J-Hope is so much more important to this world than anyone will ever realize.” – Harley


When friends and family found out about Harley’s love for BTS, some thought he was joking.

“I’m like, bitch, this ain’t no game.” – Harley


The truth is, BTS isn’t Harley’s only K-Pop love. He also enjoys SHINeeBIGBANG, and BLACKPINK.


Many people outside of the K-Pop world think that boybands are only for teenage girls, but that perception doesn’t phase Harley. He claims those people are insecure and have their own baggage to sort out.


Initially, Harley found himself attracted to BTS’s talent and style. He said that they have changed his fashion sense. Now, he tucks his shirt into his skinny jeans and wears furry, Gucci slippers as an homage to Jimin.


He also admires V‘s fashion sense in particular.

“Whatever V wears to the airport is ahead of the fashion game and we gotta follow.” — Harley


Harley prefers Jimin with gray or light purple hair, and loves every single thing about him.


He thinks RM looks best dark purple hair, and he admires RM’s translation skills.


Harley likes Jungkook with black hair, and loves him for “being a little button”. He felt inspired when he read about Jungkook’s admiration for G-Dragon and related to Jungkook’s willingness to go “out on a limb for the dream”.


Harley admires J-Hope’s his dance skills, but has no hair color preferences.


He finds Jin to be the most attractive member, and the most versatile with hair color…


Harley loves Suga’s rapping, and thinks he looked cool with light blue hair.


Although Harley hasn’t seen BTS live in concert, Harley loves to watch their appearances on variety shows, and enjoys fan-made BTS videos on YouTube.


His favorite song is “Go Go”.


When asked if he would do an Eat Jin or Cooking with Jin episode, Harley replied with enthusiasm, saying he would “fly to hell to film that”. Harley would be willing to book his own flight and fly out to meet BTS wherever they are!

He claims to have received BTS’s private phone number through his management and hopes they will call him soon! “They’re mega big time though!”, he added.


Harley would love to cook a Korean and American fusion meal for all the BTS members: maybe a cheeseburger bibimbap or a kimchi hot dog.


Harley would also love to invite BTS over for a sleepover!

“Wishing for you all to have an epic sleepover, with lots of bacon!”Redditor.

Source: Reddit