Epik High Had To Remaster A Song Because Of BTS’s Suga

Suga realized that something important was missing from it.

Epik High revealed that a song for their upcoming album had to be remastered, and it was all because of BTS‘s Suga!


The album, sleepless in _______,  features a star-studded line up of collaborators, including Suga, Sunwoo Junga, Yuna, Crush, and Code Kunst. Suga assisted in the arrangement and composition of the song “Eternal Sunshine”.


Just when the song was ready to go, Suga realized something was missing: his signature whisper!


Epik High’s Tablo said that Suga was so focused on working on the track that he forgot to add it in.

“Suga, who we’re so thankful for producing a song from our album with us, forgot something! (Tukutz: He sent us a message saying, ’Oh right!’) He was supposed to add something in, but forgot to add it because he was working so hard on the song. So it wasn’t included in the song when we first finished mastering it. But he asked, ‘Hyung, I forgot to add that in. What should we do? You already finished mastering it, right?”

— Tablo (Epik High)


According to Suga, the whisper was a “very important part”, so remastering the track was completely necessary!

So I told him that we did, but then decided to re-master the song after including the part that Suga requested. That part was actually… People may think, ‘Did they forget a rapping part? Did they forget an instrument?’… *Whispers ‘Suga’*… (Tukutz: Ah, don’t do it) He said the part that he forgot was a very important part. I’ll end the story here.”

— Tablo (Epik High)


Fans can’t help laughing about this, and they’re looking forward to hearing the album. sleepless in ________ drops on March 11 at 6 PM KST. For more, check out the clip here.