Epik High Confirms What ARMY’s Theorized For The Past Year

The mystery has finally been solved!

In 2017, Epik High released their We’ve Done Something Wonderful album. While the album features numerous songs filled with though-provoking lyrics, one song in particular peaked many A.R.M.Y’s curiosity. The song was “No Thank You” and featured Simon D, The Quiett, and WINNER‘s Mino.

But the part in question that really raised their curiosity was the voice at 4:27.


This curiosity was further heightened when Tablo announced that there were three secret people featured on the track. What A.R.M.Ys had already been beginning to think was further solidified in their minds with the announcement.

Fans had long guessed that one particular member of BTS was one of the hidden idols.


Now Epik High has finally confirmed the theory! On a broadcast of OK GOOD RADIO, the group answered all the questions they had been getting recently.

The very first and most asked question was about when they were going to release the names of the secret features for that track. They admitted they had actually forgotten all about it but were more than happy to finally reveal the truth!


The first featured artist on the track turned out to be PSY, while the third was TBNY‘s Yankie.


But the second artist was the one that A.R.M.Ys were most interested in. For the longest time, they had been saying that the mysterious second voice belonged to BTS’s Suga. As it turns out, they were right!


Since the announcement, A.R.M.Ys have taken over the internet to celebrate Suga’s contribution to the song.

  • “Yes I knew it! OMG! You don’t understand my excitement. It’s my favorite Epik High song and every time it came on I just knew the first ‘no thanks’ is PSY and the second is Yoongi!”

  • “I knew it. I recognized his voice as soon as I heard the song and many others were speculating that it was Yoongi as well. Finally, confirmed.”

  • “My ears didn’t deceive me! I’m so happy for him. Now I’m just waiting for a full out collaboration between them!”

  • “The fact that they said that no one really guessed who it was correctly is so funny to me, because the entire time I was screaming that it was Suga. I’m so glad that they finally confirmed it themselves. And I really, really do hope they can do some sort of proper collab with Epik High one day.”


With that simple announcement the mystery has finally been solved!


Watch the full video of OK GOOD RADIO below: