Epik High’s New Track “Lullaby For A Cat” Is The Answer For All Sleepless Cats

Sleep tight, meow.

Epik High‘s latest album includes a song titled “Lullaby For A Cat”. While the song, with its devastating lyrics, is meant to be heartbreaking, it has actually become a magic tune to soothe the feline friends all around the world.


Epik High’s fans began trending #LullabyForACat with videos of their furry pets falling asleep while listening to the song. The kitties in these videos are yawning and dozing off to the track and the owners simply can’t handle the amazingness.


Epik High’s Tablo also noticed the strange phenomenon and reacted to it on his Twitter.

I’ve had interview requests about this… but honestly, I don’t know what the secret is. I just wrote the song, that’s all…

— Tablo


Fans are now calling Tablo the Cat Whisperer, for having written the ultimate song that will end all sleeplessness in cats. Listen to the song, and test out the sorcery if you have a cat, here:

Source: Insight