Epik High’s Tablo Shares A Funny Story About BTS’s Suga And RM

It was a very cheeky RM moment.

Epik High‘s Tablo recently shared an amusing anecdote about BTS‘s Suga and RM.


BTS have been huge fans of Epik High for years, and the love is mutual. Last year, Epik High asked Suga to collaborate on “Eternal Sunshine”, a song from their 2019 album, sleepless in _______,


Although Epik High hasn’t collaborated with RM (yet!), Tablo has been very supportive of his work, such as the “Seoul Town Road” collaboration with Lil Nas X.


On The Tablo Podcast with DIVE Studios, Tablo often shares behind the scenes stories about the Korean music industry, himself, and his friends. On January 27, he posted one about Suga and RM on DIVE Studios’ Discord server.


“Funny story,” he wrote. “I once called Suga to ask for his two cents on which female vocalist to feature on a song I had made for Epik High, just to get some fresh perspective.” 


“He was with the rest of the BTS boys at the time, and RM yelled out, ‘Is there any female vocalist left that Epik High hasn’t worked with?'” 


Well, RM’s probably right! Epik High has worked with many female singers, including Lee Hi and Lee Sora. Check out Tablo’s Discord post here: