Epik High’s Tablo Revealed The Embarrassing Story Of Pooping Himself At His First Job

He had almost made it to the bathroom.

Epik High had an interview with BuzzFeed where they shared some of their first times, and one in particular stood out from the rest: their first jobs.


Mithra Jin worked at a PC bang (internet cafe), DJ Tukutz at a noraebang (karaoke room), and Tablo was a newspaper delivery boy. Tablo’s story was by far the funniest.

As a newspaper delivery boy in fourth grade, Tablo remembered one rainy day in particular. He had to use the bathroom really badly, so he sped through his paper route.

He had almost made it home when his body betrayed him. He’d pooped in his pants.

Mithra Jin thanked Tablo for sharing the story and was quick to make sure he was alright.

Listen to Tablo’s story and hear about more of their first times here.