SHINHWA’s Eric Struggles To Get Tickets…To His Own Fan Meeting

He can’t even get tickets to meet himself.

Buying tickets for anything K-Pop related can be a struggle, whether it’s tickets for concerts or fan meetings. SHINHWA‘s Eric showed just how difficult it is by trying to get tickets for his own fan meeting.

He begins by being optimistic and thinking the whole ticketing process is no big deal. That it should be relatively easy to get tickets for an event like this.

He then goes to the grueling process of having to constantly refresh the page.

He then starts getting false hope once the refreshing portion ends and assumes that “progressing” means that you got your tickets or close to obtaining them.

Eric is ultimately shocked when he learns that he failed to get the tickets and how brutal the ticketing process usually is.

Eric starts questioning everything about the ticketing process and how people are actually able to obtain tickets this way.

Check out the full video below.