Amber Reveals She Has A Marriage Pact With Eric Nam

Best friends indeed!

Well known best friends Amber and Eric Nam show off their close relationship once again!


They discussed a variety of topics on Eric’s January 21 podcast through Dive Studios, ranging from f(x)‘s disbandment to Amber’s steamy kissing scene.


As a hilarious way to end the kissing scene video,  Amber revealed that the friends made a specific promise to each other in the past.

Me and Eric have a marriage pact.

– Amber

This promise to stay with each other if they fail to find love elsewhere is actually not exclusive.

Actually, Eric has a marriage pact with so many people.

– Amber


Eric agreed, expressing his confusion as to why he’s in so many pacts.

People just–I’m like insurance for mad people. Just like, look…

– Eric


Clearly just friends, Amber clarified that their marriage pact is “strictly business.”


Check out the full video below:

Source: Dive