Eric Nam Reveals What Kind Of Boyfriend He Is In Real Life

He claims he’s different from what people think.

Eric Nam recently guested on the radio program, Cultwo Show, alongside OH MY GIRL and revealed what type of boyfriend he is in real life.

Eric Nam was referred to as #1 husband material after he appeared on We Got Married with MAMAMOO’s Solar.


In response to his being called “the perfect boyfriend”, however, Eric Nam revealed that he was in fact not the best boyfriend when it came to real life.

Actually, I’m no the type that can take good care (of my partner).

ㅡ Eric Nam


When a host asked if he was the type who was cold on the outside and warm on the inside, he agreed and said he would try harder in his next relationship.

It’s similar. So I feel sorry (towards the partner). Next time I’m in a relationship, I’ll try harder and be better.

ㅡ Eric Nam


And while Eric Nam has confessed himself that he was not the perfect boyfriend, many netizens begged to differ.

  • “No!!! I saw on We Got Married that he even bought flowers on his way back from a trip abroad!!! He was really good at taking care!!! He is inherently well-mannered!!! Cold on the outside and warm on the inside!!! I’ll take it!!!”
  • “I saw Eric Nam bring a fruit lunchbox on a fake marriage program and what I thought was watermelon was actually grapefruit that he peeled himself. Another broadcast filmed him peeling each one so we know he did it himself and this was a refreshing shock for me…He even picked out the proposal ring without being sponsored…But if you see Eric Nam’s father, this stuff doesn’t even seem special to Eric Nam but his heart is that of an angel…”


Moreover, netizens could not praise him enough for his humbleness and kind heart.

  • “If you hear him talk about his views on dating, it seems like he doesn’t date often and like his father, I think he’ll go straight to marriage with the person he dates and live happily ever after.”
  • “I don’t think there’s anyone who wouldn’t like Eric Nam after knowing him. He’s really lovely and cute and wherever he is, people stick to him like magnets.”
  • “Whether it’s variety shows or radios, the atmosphere is always pleasant if Eric Nam shows up. He always praises everyone and always has a smile on his face.”
  • “Eric Nam’s attitude is always so humble even when he’s smart and perfect. It shows that he’s really pure and has a beautiful character.”
Source: Xportsnews