Eric Nam Convinces Fan’s Father To Let Her Go To His Concert Via Twitter

The power of Twitter, the coolness of Eric Nam… and the awesomeness of one fan’s father.

Eric Nam is touring his new mini album Honestly in North America later this year, and one lucky fan is going thanks to a tweet sent by Eric Nam himself!

He’ll be touring from June 5 to June 29 and tickets are available here!


Hope, aka @hjay14, sent a tweet to Eric Nam saying that her father would only buy her tickets to his concert if Eric Nam responded personally to convince him.


And Eric personally replied just a little over an hour later!


Koreaboo stepped in to give a little extra incentive to Hope’s father, promising to write about how awesome he was if he actually bought the ticket!


And Eric Nam agreed it was a good idea…


By now, hundreds of people were following the thread, eager to see whether Hope’s father would actually follow through!


Hope kept everyone up-to-date, posting her mission to get her father’s attention after he was proven wrong by Eric Nam!


But Hope’s father suddenly stalled for more time as he brought her brother into the picture!


And then, the final verdict – a complete success!


Her father’s final comments showed Eric Nam really had convinced him.

Yes, Hope’s father. Eric is definitely a good guy!


Fans are jealous but ultimately happy for Hope!


And it’s all thanks to Eric Nam and, of course, Hope’s dad for keeping his word and letting Hope meet him in Chicago!

Way to go, dad!

Eric Nam