Eric Nam’s Hair Guide: The Do’s And DON’T EVERS Of Comb-Overs

Here are the basic rules comb-over enthusiasts should follow.

Eric Nam and DAY6‘s Jae aren’t going bald any time soon, but it’s never too early to talk about comb-overs. Right?

In Episode 4 of DIVE Studios‘ How Did I Get Here? series, Eric Nam and Jae chatted about Jae’s hair. Serious question: Is it a mullet or not a mullet? Inquiring fans wanted to know!

After concluding that Jae’s hair isn’t quite in mullet territory (by these standards, anyway)…

…Jae revealed his receding hairline. “It’s started,” Eric Nam gasped.

No worries, though. He had some useful (and hilarious) tips to offer Jae about what he should (and shouldn’t) do to hide future balding. Do: “You take a big back part and just flip it to the top. Nobody will know.” 

Don’t: Get greasy and extreme.

Just don’t do it like this one person I saw who literally had just hair on this side, and he grew it out. I’m sure if he grew it out it would probably be down to his arm. And he literally greased it over and flipped it over his top.

— Eric Nam

Eric Nam compared this hair disaster to seaweed. “It’s like if seaweed was just thrown on a rock…” he said. It wasn’t the best look in the world, and he felt bad for the guy who sported it.

Eric Nam: He was concerned about it the whole time. It was the only hair he had left. I felt really bad.

Jae: Our condolences.


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