Eric Nam Dishes On The Most Uncomfortable Experience In His Life, And It’s Impossible To Not Cringe With Him

Now that’s…awkward 😬

We naturally experience uncomfortable moments in our life, but it’s difficult to ever forget the worst of them all.

Eric Nam recently revealed his own most uncomfortable experience, and it’s hard to not cringe with him!

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According to Eric Nam, it all happened when he and his mom watched a movie together, but not just any movie—Deadpool.

He had heard that Deadpool was a superhero story, which both he and his mom enjoy, so it was an easy decision to watch it together in the cinema when she visited Korea.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t aware of its Rated R content.

Needless to say, it wasn’t a movie he wanted to be watching with his mom of all people! He couldn’t even look at her after the movie ended.

This isn’t the first time Eric Nam shared the story. He had first talked about it in his interview with the Deadpool actor himself, Ryan Reynolds.

We can only imagine how awkward that entire experience must have been! It’s the kind of thing that nobody ever wants to experience for themselves.

Catch more of Eric Nam in the full video below.

Source: DIVE Studios Podcasts

Eric Nam

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