Eric Nam Explains Why MAMAMOO’s Solar And Him Stopped Talking After “We Got Married”

It seems like Eric Nam wanted to reach out and get in touch with his ex-wife!

Everyone remembers the time Eric Nam and MAMAMOO‘s Solar were a couple on We Got Married. Eric Nam proved himself as #1 husband material and all girls wanted their own Eric Nam in their lives!

But since they left the show, Eric Nam and Solar have not kept in touch.


Eric Nam explained why when he guested on It’s Okay to Be a Little Crazy, appearing with MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul.


When Lee Sang Min asked how Eric Nam and Moonbyul know each other, Moonbyul answered, “He’s my brother-in-law,” referring to his We Got Married stint.


Naturally, everyone wanted to know if Eric Nam still kept in contact with his on-screen wife, but he said they don’t.

“No, because Solar changed her number!” — Eric Nam


He explained that he sent her well wishes on her birthday, but didn’t get a response. Moonbyul confirmed that Solar did get a new number after the program, leading Eric Nam to wonder how she is doing now.

“I wonder if Solar is doing well…”  — Eric Nam

Source: Newsen
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