How Eric Nam’s “Honestly” Album Made Us Feel….As Told In GIFs

This album is “Honestly” lit!

1. “Honestly…”

Just listening to the EDM fun vibes of the song we were like:

But then we looked at the lyrics…

“I do love you but I’m a bit tired
I’m too scared to hurt you
I’m not being nice, I’m doing this for myself
This lie of saying I still love you”

and we were like:


2. “Potion”

Got us feeling very Ed Sheeran vibes


3. “This Is Not A Love Song”

And now we’re in a chill mood, where Eric’s velvet voice just hits you right in the heart


4. “Lose You”

You know you’d be singing your heart out to this one at Karaoke after a break-up:

We could also totally see this in a rom-com’s soundtrack tbh.


5. “Don’t Call Me”

Eric means business here…don’t call him when you’re feeling lonely, and he’s not gonna tell you twice 👏 👏 👏:


Listen to Eric’s title track “Honestly…”:

Eric Nam