Eric Nam Once Made Pasta For BTS V

True friendship.

Eric Nam just premiered the first episode of his new podcast, K-Pop Daebak. There, he brought up a time where BTS‘s V asked him to make him food.

Eric Nam says he was originally surprised by the request.

I was like, “Are you serious right now?”

After he got over his shock, he actually went ahead and made him pasta! He said he chose to make pasta because that was the only thing he was able to cook at the moment.

Fans can’t help but find this interaction hilarious!

Eric Nam had also spoken about writing a new song with a BTS member. He hasn’t revealed who it is so fans can only speculate which member he’s talking about.

The interaction between Eric Nam and V is adorable and shows just how close the two are. Could it be that V is the member Eric is working on a song with?