Eric Nam Opens Up About The Possibility Of A Collaboration With CHUNG HA

He opens up on the possibility of a collaboration.

In Eric Nam‘s podcast K-Pop Daebak, he talks about a possible collaboration with CHUNG HA!

After playing her song “Snapping” on his podcast, he congratulated her for her comeback and revealed they had actually talked about writing together at some point.

So who knows? One day, maybe there could be a collab.

He did say that he has a song for her that might work. When asked if it’s written in English or Korean, he says that it’s written in English and he believes it should stay in English.

Maybe I’ll send it over to her.

He continues to compliment CHUNG HA, saying that he believes she could be a legendary solo touring artist in the future. He says there aren’t many soloists who do huge tours but he believes she has the ability to do so.

Here’s the snippet of him talking about CHUNG HA!