Eric Nam Reveals That He Has Always Wanted To Be In A Group

It is very different from being a soloist!

In the latest DIVE StudiosK-Pop Daebak w/ Eric Nam, Eric Nam and his brother Eddie Nam discussed Super Junior‘s latest comeback and their 15th anniversary!

Talking about the group, Eric praised Super Junior for their work on variety shows!

They’ve been on every single show, and they have been working together for over 15 years, so they just know how to push each other’s buttons. I just find it incredibly funny and makes me wish I was in a group!

— Eric Nam

Although Eric is known as a solo artist, Eddie revealed that his brother has had “group envy” since day one! Eric went on to agree with that statement saying, “I think it would be a lot more fun in a group.”

Eric then explained that it was because of the comradery he got to see with various groups, which is something you don’t get as a solo idol!

Unfortunately, Eddie did not follow his guts and audition to be an idol; otherwise, Eric might have been able to live out his dream to be in a group!

For now, we are just happy that Eric is part of K-Pop, and there is probably a list of idols who would love to form a group with him!

Watch the full clip below!