Eric Nam Reveals His First Impressions Of ITZY, As Well As His Thoughts About Their Song “Not Shy”

Eric Nam is quite the fanboy of ITZY!

During an episode of DIVE StudiosKPDB show, Eric Nam briefly spoke about his first impressions of ITZY, as well as his thoughts about their latest song “Not Shy”.

Eric Nam
ITZY | @ITZYofficial/Twitter

Eric Nam first met ITZY during KCON, and he revealed that they were extremely nice and full of positive energy.

He also talked about ITZY’s latest song “Not Shy” and praised the group for always trying to spread a message of self-empowerment.


Eric Nam also loves how ITZY is not only spreading a positive message through their music but also doing it with exceptional outfits and choreographies.


Eric Nam also complimented ITZY for having their own unique color when it comes to their music and believes that the group has unlimited potential.

Here’s the full video below!