Eric Nam Reveals The Hype Behind The Popular Gucci Slippers With The Fur

Fans either love or hate to see them but wearing them changes everything.

If you’ve seen enough photos of K-Pop idols at the airport or walking the street, you’ve most likely seen a pair of Gucci slippers. Not just any pair, though. The infamous slippers with the fur sticking out.

From the OG slipper-wearer SHINee‘s Taemin,

to BTS‘s V, idols love to wear the look. Fans’ comments about calling them “ugly” hasn’t persuaded them to get rid of them, either. During a recent interview for Men’s Health, Eric Nam revealed why idols just can’t stay away.

When choosing his most extravagant purchase, it was a no-brainer for Eric. It was his pair of Gucci “Princetown” slippers that set him back $995 USD.

He admitted that the look of them was undoubtedly unique, “It looks like you have… I don’t know. I don’t want to say an animal, but…” The best way he could sum it up was, “Fur. Just fur.” Their appearance wasn’t what kept him coming back to wear them.

With his hands held up to emphasize his statement, Eric said, “You’re walking on clouds. You’re walking on clouds.”

He then admitted they weren’t a necessity by any means but “loved them.” If they’re genuinely as comfortable as he says, walking on clouds would definitely warrant a high price tag.

No wonder idols keep wearing the slippers. Who wouldn’t want to wear footwear that’s so comfortable? Check out Eric answering the ultimate why of it here.

Eric Nam