Eric Nam Shares What Surprised Him When He Got To Know Chungha

Eric Nam once felt “betrayed” by Chungha.

Chungha recently guested on Eric Nam‘s podcast, KPDB, and at the beginning of the episode, the two tried to remember when they first met.

| DIVE Studios Podcasts/YouTube

The two originally struggled to remember when they first met. After thinking for a bit, Eric Nam believes that they first met on New Yang Nam Show, which he was a host of when Chungha was a member of I.O.I.

I think it was during I.O.I, you guys came on New Yang Nam Show, maybe?

— Eric Nam

After meeting on New Yang Nam Show, they met again on the show Master Key.

On Master Key, the two started to interact with each other and formed a bond. In fact, when Chungha told Eric Nam that she could speak English, he was surprised.

Chungha: I was like, ‘you can speak English to me’.

Eric Nam: I was like, ‘you can speak English?!’

— Conversation between Chungha & Eric Na,


Eric Nam also felt a little “betrayed” after Chungha revealed this, as he had been trying his best to speak to Chungha with his “poor Korean skills” when Chungha suddenly told him that he could speak English with her.

Here’s the full video below!