Eric Nam Revealed How He Feels About Being Named One Of The Best Male K-Pop Artists Of 2020 On Spotify

Congratulations Eric!

In a recent episode of Eric Nam‘s K-Pop Daebak podcast, Eric and his younger brother Eddie Nam discuss the impact of K-Pop and it’s artists in 2020.

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In one portion of the podcast, Eddie asked his brother how he felt about accomplishing an amazing title by Spotify:

Eric, how does it feel to be one of the most globally streamed male K-Pop artists of 2020? Shoutout number 8 on Spotify with over 100 million streams in the year 2020. What does that mean to you?

— Eddie Nam

Eric displayed an overwhelmed and flattered face. You could just see how crazy it all sounded to him. He started off his reply with “OMG” and continued to explain his thoughts:

It is…it is getting really emotional guys because it’s so amazing. No, it’s really cool. It’s freaking awesome and I think it’s, like I definitely appreciate all the fans and the listeners and nomination and the people who put on for me and ‘f’ with my music, you know what I’m saying?

— Eric Nam

Eric continued to share how crazy he finds it that he is on the list along with several major K-Pop male artists.

Like look at the list and there are some powerful people on that list. Like lets talk about it real quick. The top K-Pop artists globally is Suga, Zico, Baekhyun, RM, Jay Park, J-Hope, Crush, me and then V and Sean. That’s like half of the BTS members literally and XO. And then there’s like, I don’t know, it’s kind of crazy in that sense.

— Eric Nam

Despite receiving this great honor, Eric claimed that it actually adds some pressure on him.

I’m feeling weird though because I feel like, musically I’m like what do I do? What do I do next? And so it’s just kind of like a, you know. I don’t know. Well figure it out.

— Eric Nam

Eddie contradicted Eric’s statement and shared with the listeners and viewers that Eric has been constantly working hard in the studio.

Congrats to Eric for his achievement. He deserved it! Fans are ecstatic to hear that Eric is working on new music and are looking forward to seeing what he comes out with in this new year.

Check out the whole video below:

Eric Nam